MaiPenRai - Roadmap

Here is a list of the currently planned features and (roughly) which version you may expect it. As you may notice, no dates are given, and it's going to remain that way! :)

VersionPlanned work
0.2Tutorial, reference application (Home Movie Database), javadoc.
0.3Support collections (equivalent to todays array support).
Improve array updates (very lazy implementation today).
Support BLOBs.
0.4Versioning, refactoring and migration support.
0.5Tutorial update: include versioning, refactoring and database migration for the reference application.
0.6Support the PostgreSQL database.
Perhaps more databases, based on requests and/or contributions.
0.7Transaction support.
Improve the connection pool, probably use a third-party product.
0.8Data-integrity support, using foreign keys.
0.9Testing, bugfixing and stabilizing.
1.0First stable release